Johor Darul Taksim looking for growth in group F

Johor Darul Taksim entered the final AFC Cup Final match with the big team, wanting to score three points for security, now ranked in the top 10 in the Philippines after the World Cup. The Tigers could still make the top spot in this group if they lost or pulled home at Boogie Angkor. Although the world wins, Johor Darul Taksim will still qualify as the best runner as long as they win.

Team Mora Benjamin overcame a sluggish start to the season in the country and now sits on the table after winning seven games in the league Malaysia Super League. The important question is that Mora will have a more surreal spring in the selection, as he has done in many of Johor Darul Takemi’s AFC cup games out of big names like the foreign captain of Johor da. Ichi Hotel Taksim

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After eight games in April Mora said recently that this was intended to keep up with the policy of rotating his right not rotate  our players have 29 people who are willing to fight Johor Darul Taksim my players have. Very competitive and they are definitely bored. They need to rest and recover Mora saidsuspended collision choice of Johor will not have midfielder Mora Whoever the opponent with nothing but pride to play for following disappointing campaign that has seen them. He received only two points, although one of those in the home tied with Johor Darul Tazim, it was an equalizer scoring for When both sides met earlier in the campaign.

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