Mourinho opens for Memphis return

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho opened the door for Memphis to return to the club. In the future, the 22- year-old Dutchman finished his move from the Red Devils to the French club Lyon in Lyon. On Fridays, the costs may increase as much as possible. 21.7 million pounds After only making eight appearances under Mourinho this season.visiter le casino

Mourinho, but not confirmed that his club has bought back the contract. De Pai, who will see the return to play for the country in the future. But failed to reach his contract at United. Pai signed by former United manager Luis van Gogh in 2015. 

Mourinho said. Potentially he is a very good player, I think, when Mr. Lu v teeth Michal decided to buy him very well, he knows him well from the national team when he was a young boy in the football world. He has flashes of top quality.

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He was playing well in Holland. But not the same But he showed a lot of good things as search engine optimization. He did not succeed in his 18 months, but he was very young, so I thought it was very important for the club to keep control of this talent and we all hoped he played very well at the Lyonnais Olympics. And why not come back Because everyone likes him

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