No decision on the future GP England

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Report a British racing driver, has denied claims that they are indeed violated the contract to host the British Grand Prix’s chairman John Grant recently that this cast doubt on the future of the casino en ligneBritish GP after warning.  The Board will consider that we should give notice prior to the 2017 British Grand Prix. Of our willingness to exercise a share in the contract at the end of 2019.

While Grant claims that hosting the Grand Prix could have a negative impact on Silverstone’s future in the long run. The situation seemed to be worse this week when the Sunday reported that BRDC had indicated they would. Of course, putting the Prix  before 2020 , Grant, but insist that the decision has not yet been made.

He said in a statement. Our goal is to heal. But of course we can do this if it makes economic sense. At Silverstone for many years, the British Grand Prix

As I said before we were considered in the next six months, we should be advised of our willingness to exercise the covenant in our Grand Prix. By the end of 2019 no decision has been made or will be made until mid-July.

At the same time we will use this moment to explore every stakeholder. Hopefully, in the private sector, many of the ways we may work out are more sustainable.

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