Perez forces India to make big miracles.

Perez praised the Indian forces again for their weight at the end of P6 and P7 in Russia on Sunday.

Force India to enter the championship this year, believing they are on the wrong foot to miss the mark with the VJM10. However, the team expects to be honored for being Spain this month and have scored in all four races and recorded the greatest race of the season. At the Sochi Motor Dome

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Perez finished 6th on Sunday before a teammate He will Ocon Full Force India scored points from 13 Williams to fight the 4th Perez  We are looking at where we are, we should have finished with the pace pure  said. Red Bull on vegan clothing We were there again for a chance, and William had a problem. The team returned to work again, so I am happy and satisfied with the results.

In the holy step we should not be there. We have made great miracles for where we are. But I think that if we can get to the car a lot, we can challenge them a lot.

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